Why instant satisfaction is fundamental when you want to build new habits 😊

In the last few days, I’ve been reading a book called “Atomic Habits” and I learnt a fundamental technique to start a new habit. The author (James Clear) said: “If an experience isn’t satisfying, we have little reason to repeat it”. That’s true, many times we continue to scroll social media or play videogames daily because we enjoy what we’re doing; if we follow this path, we can turn “boring” habits into something nice. We always do unproductive things because we can have immediate satisfaction; this is not achievable with habits like studying or training because we can’t see instant results.

A nice trick we can make is to create something similar to a “score bar” that we can see “growing” while we are doing a productive habit. For example, we can get 2 mugs, one empty and one full of marbles, and put a marble in the empty mug every time we finish a task (for example after finishing a math exercise or after doing 10 push-ups).

The goal we should pursue is to make our daily habits more fun, in this way we would repeat them and have a nice productive life!

I’m a High school student. I like to write biology/science articles and I enjoy sharing books’ insights.